Invest Overseas

Many people think that Canada has scrapped her business migration program. In fact this is not true. There are numerous ways an investor can invest in Canada and apply for Canada PR under business migration program. However the applicants must be qualified. If you are interested in business migration program and if you are eligible as below, please contact us. Our experts will find the most suitable business migration program for you to get you to Canada faster.

To become an applicant you,

1. Be motivated to live in Canada as a Business Investor.
2. Have had/managed a business for last 5 years.
3. Have managed staff under you in a qualifying business.
4. Have a capital to invest in Canada. Amount of investment could vary from $500,000- 1,000,000 or more.

If you have answered YES to all the above four facts, then you qualify. We will find you the most suitable way to migrate to Canada. Our services are custom made for you, in fact if you are unable to come to us, we will send you a representative wherever you are in the world. We care and value our clients who are from all over the world.

We provide special services for Business Investors from China. We have no language barrier because our Chinese spoken representative will discuss details with you. For business applicants we provide full service and we provide all advice, guidance and necessary services in order to achieve your goal as a business investor.

We follow the following standard protocol

Time Approx
Initial Consultation
We will assess you and discuss with you the details of your investment eligibility and investment potential. We will evaluate details so that we make sure you are qualified for a specific program. At this point we will tell you how to move forward. We will provide terms and conditions, fees structure and other relevant details. 1st week
Registration stage
Once you have gone through Initial consultation and you have accepted the offer, you sign agreement with the consultant/our company. This will begin your work with us. We will start discussing with you and suggesting you details of investments in Canada. This may take a few weeks before we make a final decision because we will help you choose particular business you like. Similarly, we will also discuss with you moving to Canada and brining your family to Canada. 4 weeks
Inspection Stage
Now you are familiar with some of the suggested businesses in Canada. We will help with your visit visa application and once visa issued you will be visiting Canada to inspect, discuss and decide on business you like to start in Canada. 4 weeks
Settling down stage
When you know about specific project/business you like to begin in Canada we can move to next stage. That is discussing with relevant party to do the final offer and buying the business. At the same time we will work with applicant and family to bring the family to Canada and to settle them down in Canada. This is an important step towards your application. We will help you buy a house, your children’s schooling and finding all other help you need to settle your family in Canada. 8 weeks
Visa Application Stage
We will submit your visa application to relevant authorities. Your application processing will begin at this time. 2 weeks (Visa processing)
PR visa granted
Once your visa granted for your family and you, then we will help you move to Canada and start your business.