Meet Our Team


Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena

Lawyer & Immigration Consultant

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), an Attorney at Law, specialized in Canadian immigration regulations.


Nirakshana Thavarajah

Client Relations Officer

A pleasant character armed with a smile to assist you to lead to success. Nirakshana, having a good business education background and mastered people skills,


Sameera Colambage

Lead Technology Officer

A Director who possesses technical skills empowering the company with visionary futuristic techniques. The striking skill Sameera contributes to the company is to lead comprehensive


Divya Gobalan

Administration Officer

A character built on hard working and customer service skills. Having a diploma in IT and communication skills, Divya is currently a valuable team member


Chamil Perera

Client Relations Executive

Chamil joined the team with his strong background in well-developed and highly organized skills in Global operations with leadership and a background in Diplomat operations.


Kuyini Gogilarasah

Client Relation Executive

A relentless executive dealing with client requests, requirements and consultations on daily basis to make sure winning team work. Currently dealing with customer requests, client meetings, assessments and eligibility tests, Kuyini is forming an essential team membership. Kuyini adheres to visa application teams and carries out duties in multi unit atmosphere. A pleasant character and is holding an important position to form team spirit.



Documentation Officer

A lawyer by profession, Bimba is a recent addition to the team. She is passionate about doing the work right, getting files ready for submission and making sure the documents are submitted in the right time. She is adamant on correct documentation and submitting a properly completed file only. Manages her work in the team an on individual basis, Bimba is a integrated team member in student and visitor visa application preparation teams. Dedicated worker trying hard to maintain working ethics to complete the tasks with a given time line. She maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential, completes projects by assigning work to clerical staff and following up on results, prepares reports by collecting and analyzing information, secures information by completing data base backups. A valued member appraised by team leaders.



Documentation Officer

As a team member in the immigration staff, Sanjaya is a primary point of contact between the executives and internal/external clients. His executive roles in the office work, immigration department and client relations make Sanjaya’s skills are essential for the team environment. He maintains daily electronic journal, arrange meetings and appointments and provide reminders as needed, handle requests, feedback, and queries quickly and professionally Efficiently carry out duties, client meetings, documentation work and help the filing process. Sanjaya’s work included field work, preparing files for submission, liaising with the other team members for timely work, attending details and providing essential services to the team environment. He develops and carries out an efficient documentation and filing system for both paper and electronic records and delegates tasks as appropriate to other members of the team.



Software Engineer

As a versatile developer, Chandima fills a gap in a diverse team of IT professionals, easily binding to the team. He translates and develops requirements into workable software solutions, maintains and develops programs for use in business and IT automation, incorporates various accepted methodologies to design software and applications at a moderate risk level to project or release, perform duties in: Open Systems, Mainframe, Application, &/or Configuration Constantly, Chandima looks at technology challenges as opportunities, solving difficult problems with elegant and practical code, helping define engineering best practices and providing technical mentorship to other members of the engineering team. Chandima demonstrates, industry-leading technical abilities showcasing a breadth and depth of technical knowledge, the ability to build good working relationships within the team by communicating clearly, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to come up with creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems, effective technical leadership skills to improve technologies and infrastructure of the team. Chandima has upheld values of his skills and integration of talents in a team environment.



UI/UX Designer

Pansilu has an eye for detail and is responsible for pixel-perfect designs that adhere to a design library and final content. He can translate complex problems into intuitive & clean UIs. Pansilu thrives on working as a part of a collaborative team, both giving and receiving feedback, thrive in an environment with short feedback loops for iterations, and can deliver designs on time, a deliberate designer with every pixel has a purpose. He has experience working with UX designers, translating low-fidelity wireframes into pixel-perfect designs. As a team member, Pansilu is comfortable working with engineers to understand how your designs impact development and vice versa. A passionate advocate for the user, knowing when to look beyond their requests to understand the true problem.



IT Intern

Damtih is a recent addition to the team as an intern and is a link between professionals and the customer. He is a part of a development team building software that includes user interface, application and embedded technologies. Damith constantly helps develop and test complex software using industry best practices, focus on quality and safety, takes responsibility for achieving goals and meeting project deadlines. As a team member, he continuously contributes improvement. A master at work in a tight knit team on game changing atmosphere to provide solutions in a timely manner.



Office Assistant

Wilfred is a team member and his work as a professional dispatcher makes him unique. He is undertaking a responsible position and he keeps team work flow as smooth as possible by doing the walking and the hard work. Wilfred is handling an intellectually demanding position requiring a blend of reasoning and problem solving skills with general office and customer service intuition. Our days are generally fast paced and very active, therefore, as an active team worker, Wilfred possess a high energy level and embrace change and growth within an organization. Each day Wilfred will address unique issues and situations and he may cope up with the work pressure whether it is long trip to deliver documents or a short trip covering a customer need. Wilfred provides intra-team duties to makes the work flow smooth and efficient.