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You need to apply for a visit visa, if you are planning to visit Canada on a temporary basis for a short period of time. We may be able to guide you and help you get your visit visa application processed faster, efficiently and effectively. We have many successful cases for visit visa to Canada. Please contact us for details.Visit our Contact us page. Our immigration experts can help you. Visit visa applications are generally considered by CIC based on many factors. Some of them are given below.Why you need to prepare your application properly?Before a visa officer issue you a visitor visa, many factors are considered. Genuine nature of your visit to Canada is very important. More information is available online. When applying you may consider all the factors mentioned below.

Only citizens of certain countries require a temporary resident visa before visiting Canada. The list of countries change fairly regularly. You must visit Canada government web site to check the updated list. Citizens of many countries require a temporary resident visa to visit Canada. A visa must be obtained before you arrive to Canada.

Visit Visa to Canada is issued for a defined time period such as 6 months. However if you require longer time period you may be able to get visa issued only on certain circumstances.

If you are employed, this is a powerful connection to your home country. If you can, be sure to include a letter of employment and confirmation in that letter that your absence to visit Canada has been approved.

If you have family in your country of residence, that is an important connection. If you can, provide copies of the bio-data sections of their passports, along with copies of birth certificates to show relationships.

Simply having travelled before is also a good sign that you will return to Canada after your visit. Be sure to include copies of your passport pages showing your previous travels with your temporary resident visa application.

Another critical factor you must address in your application is how you will support yourself in Canada. This section will address factors you should consider and think about the evidence you can provide.

How much money do you have available to you while in Canada? CIC will do a rough calculation of food and accommodation to determine if you have enough cash. Provide evidence of cash in your bank, and have traveller’s cheques while crossing the border – don’t rely solely on credit cards or a visa officer might suspect you don’t have the funds for your trip. Are there currency restrictions in your home country? Take this into account and find a way to address it.

If you will be staying with friends or family, you won’t need as much cash for your trip. You will however need proof that your host will provide lodging and food. Be sure to have your host in Canada sign a letter stating that you will be staying with them and that they will provide food and lodging.

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