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Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC R510063)
Attorney-At-Law (Sri Lanka)
PhD (England), MBA (England), BSc (Sri Lanka)
What matters the most for you is getting the best result for your Canadian visa application. We have set up a new norm to the immigration business: genuineness and integrity. By providing genuine advice and assessment, Dr. Samayawardhena provides a fair opportunity for applicants, to find out a correct pathway even before an application is processed, leading to a maximize visa success rate while minimizing disadvantageous on applications. By customer choice, Lionel has a proven track record for genuine visa applications, driving results, a higher visa success rate. Lionel’s team provides genuine professional guidance to make your Canada visas successful. The fact is clear from clients' reviews and visa success stories. Check out client reviews today and make your own judgement.

Lionel is an Attorney at Law from Sri Lanka, having called to the bar many years ago. He has many years of experience in the legal system, and clearly apprehends many legal requirements. As Canadian citizen who has worked and lived in Canada Lionel represents a blend of Canadian exposure along with a good perspective of Sri Lankan needs. Lionel’s Canadian experience go beyond his University academic exposure from Queens University and the University of British Columbia.


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We are customer centered and we take an individual approach to each project to satisfy individual requirements of our customers. We make sure to comply with all regulations correctly, and guide the customer from day one until they receive their visas.

Visas are based on an initial assessment and we provide you the truthful and genuine advice upfront. So that you would know the direction you are heading into. Therefore, we carefully select individual customers, based our assessment and how confident we are to obtain your visa. We do not simply submit your application. Our experts assess each application correctly and then we will guide you properly, obtain all relevant documents and make your case successful. We dispose of high-quality consultants and counselors who are available to the client throughout the process. We have built a great name with the help of positive comments from our past valued clients.

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"Canada Gateway Lawyers are the best when it comes to immigration consulting. They are highly successful with more than 95% visa success rate. We got our Family PR through Canada Gateway Lawyers. Dr Lionel Samayawardhena is highly qualified and very professional. They are the best for Canada Visas. 👍👍👍"

Tharuka Godamune

"I was guided through the whole process in a very professional manner by Canada Gateway Lawyers. And even upon getting the visa approval I was given many valuable pieces of advice and tips on survival. I already have recommended this place to many of my friends. "

Hoshani Ayanika

"Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants is the best when it comes to working visas to Canada. I moved to Canada during the COVID times with a working visa and a job in Canada. It was a wonderful experience to work with Canada Gateway Consultants. They guide you correctly and make your Canada dreams come true."

Buddhika Perera

"I met Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena to get a student visa to Canada. After assessing my details, Dr. Lionel mentioned it is impossible to do this visa and I never continued. After some time, I went to Dr. Lionel again because I got married and my husband is a full-time student in Canada. "

Farvin Deen

" Canada Gateway Consultants can do miracles, believe me, they are superb. I went to them with a Master's degree and I did not have an option to apply for PR in Canada. Because I was already fully qualified and due to the age factor not enough points for migration. I met Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena and got a thorough analysis of my case and decided what to do."

Varuna Kavinda