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Clients' Reviews

Reviews of our genuine clients, who are currently received visa, or living in Canada. These reviews are also available on Google review pages, and on our FB pages.

- Nadeesha, Toronto, Canada -

Great work doing our family visa by Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants, a wonderful team doing the right thing. Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most about Canada Gateway and Lionel Samayawardhena was nothing "sugar coated". Lionel was very straight forward and told us what to expect in the application process. It was so hard for me to think clearly and understand the whole visa process. The team Canada Gateway clearly gave us the correct guidance, understood our case and did everything right. Going through the application process from start to finish, the team kept us informed of each step and what the options were and what the risks were. There were no empty promises made just to keep the client happy. I am so glad that I chose Canada Gateway Immigration for my Canadian visa program. thank you for your guidance we are happily living in Canada. We highly recommend Canada Gateway Immigration to everyone.

- Maduranga, Toronto, Canada -

If there is one consultant I could recommend for Canada Visas, that is Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena, by every means he is a great gentleman. When other consultants fill you with lots of unnecessary details, Lionel comes to the point. He is blunt and do his business right. No nonsense in the business at all. I was surprised to see this kind of a character.

Dr. Lionel has integrity, he has a great understanding of client’s need, he handles a tough job genuinely. While I was having troubled with the previously applied and unsuccessful visas Dr. Lionel tackled my visa efficiently, making my long time dream come true. My whole family, (my wife and 2 children) all are happily living in Canada. I truly admire the quality of work, genuine character and professionalism. Look no other, if you are looking for quality in Canadian visa application.

- Pubudu, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada -

I came to Saskatchewan as a permanent resident during the COVID times. Many thanks for Canada Gateway Immigration. They went above and beyond my expectations for my case, making everything seemingly easy. Canada Gateway answered all the questions I found the correct pathway that was completed within the quickest time. I didn’t expect such a great outcome. Dr. Lionel and the staff are patient, kept the word and was very understanding. He answered all my questions, even when I asked them several times. On a personal level, Lionel was extremely responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Lionel to anybody needing Canadian visa. If myself or anyone I know ever need solutions for Canada visa, I know where I would go or recommend. Do you want to look for results, then start your visa application with Canada Gateway Immigration? Achieve great results and come to Canada.

- Mithun, recently received visa to Canada, Colombo, Sri Lanka -

The best Canadian Student visa consultancy in town and I am glad to see that I am not alone when writing a good review for them. I give five stars for Canada Gateway Consultants for their great and efficient services. No doubt these people are the best when it comes to high visa success rate.

From day one, when I visited this consultancy office in Colombo, until the visa approval, they maintained the best possible professionalism. This made me believe that all of you who are reading this review must get this experience and feel about it. If you are looking for a place, that you can trust and get correct guidance and the results, then it is Canada gateway Consultants. Actually, the staff is superb and they give you the correct advice and they do not give you unnecessary details. They helped me with all the document drafts etc, and I was thrilled because my workload was less. One other thing, you must meet the chief consultant Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena, when he is in Colombo office. Then you can get a clear analysis of your file, visa application and what is missing etc.

I highly recommend Canada Gateway Immigration for all your Canada visa solutions.

- Kasun, Toronto, Canada -

I am extremely happy to provide this reference and a client review for Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants and to the chief consultant, Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena, RCIC from Vancouver, Canada. In the beginning I must tell you that now I am in Canada, as a student under student visa category. I moved to Canada in August 2020 during the COVID times, thanks for all the efforts, great work of Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants for getting my visa and also guiding how to move to Canada during this time, for me to start my post graduate diploma studies while in Canada. I have started on line studies at Fanshawe college, London Ontario.

I visited Canada Gateway Consultant’s Colombo office, as a stranger. I never had any encounters with them before. Upon meeting Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena I had a clear discussion, proposed pathway and clear understanding how to move forward in this student visa case. On that day I left their office happily. I knew I have met the right consultancy and I knew I would get the correct services I wanted. They gave me the correct advice, informed me what is possible to do and what is impossible to do. They informed me requirements of the student visa applications and corrected the myths I had in my mind regarding the easiness of the student visas. To be honest, after these meetings I understood that I must follow Dr. Samayawardhena’s advice and I was guided by the staff, right throughout correctly. Ultimately leading to a successful student visa. I am so much happy my dream, my children’s dream, my family dream has come true.

- Lakmali, Winnipeg, Canada -

I applied for Canadian working visa and without doubt I went to the right place for my visa. I met Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena, Regulated Canadian Consultant. He gave me the right solution, found an employer in Canada, went through the interview process and got the job organized. Got me the work visa, and now I am working in Canada.

I can tell you that Canada Gateway Consultants don’t lie to you, they tell you the truth, they provide you correct advice. I found Dr. Samayawardhena being a Canadian consultant and a Canadian citizen, knew all about Canada, where I should go and what I should do. He is highly knowledgeable about the colleges/universities in Canada and also what we can expect in Canada. He never gave me any fake hopes, never gave me incorrect advice or guidance. I am thankful to Canada Gateway and Dr. Samayawardhena for telling me the true situation in Canada. He is the only one who told me the correct information regarding the job and how I could survive with all these. I am also thankful to the staff of Canada Gateway, that they are professional and treat you courteously. I am great that I came to Canada during the COVID times, and now working in Canada too.

I highly recommend Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants for all your visa advice and guidance. That is the number one consultancy in Sri Lanka, where you can get the right advice, service and proper genuine guidance. Thank you, and god bless you.

- Nirasha, Oshawa, ON, Canada -

I became a PR holder in September 2020. When I am writing this review for Canada Gateway Immigration, I cannot control the happiness and you wouldn’t know how much happy I am to become a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Canada. I became a PR holder during the last month when suddenly (due to COVID) CIC informed me that they have completed the PR process, issued the visa and also made the landing in Canada too. I am in Canada and am happy that I can now continue to look for a better future. All of this was crafted and completed with the professional help from Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants.

I came to Canada initially as a student with the help of Canada Gateway Immigration, and then all the subsequent applications, such as my work permit applications, and all kinds of immigration applications were undertaken by Canada Gateway. I must admit that Canada Gateway, always gave me the right advice, guidance, understanding and they worked towards proper application procedures. Canada Gateway office and the staff provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my applications. The main consultant Dr. Lionel Samayawardhena’s attitude to strict and serious work ethics not only provided clear visa pathway, it also helped me to avoid other problems that I did not foresee. Normally, we don’t even think about such problems ahead. Lionel knows knew them and may foresee them, is experienced enough to prevent them, and to give you the right advice on time, before you make your decision.

Lionel’s staff is amazing, knowledgeable and available when needed. If you want to know about Canada Gateway’s professional work, you can contact me. I had great positive experiences and I do not hesitate to recommend Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants to my family and friends. thank you for all your hard work.

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