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International visa rules have changed – instead of skilled migration; most countries are now focused on employer sponsored visas. Last year Canada issued over 200,000 work visas. Global employers are looking for skilled professionals and visas are being issued faster. Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants offers a number of services to candidates interested in working overseas.

Are you looking to work in Canada and to get Canadian experience?

For the qualified candidates, we provide working opportunities in Canada.

You must have foreign working experience You must be working in a country other than Sri Lanka Must have a good command in English to apply

We can provide you details of our previous applicants so that you can talk to them to get details of our value added services on request. Below is a list of work opportunities in Canada:

Care worker
Montessori teacher
Retail clerk
General labourer
Auto mechanics
Send us with your detailed CV. We will contact you for further information and interview.

LMIA Job Offers

From time to time we will be offering Canadian jobs as approved LMIA. Such opportunities will be posted on our FB site or you may inquire by email about the opportunities. Since the LMIA opportunities are limited applications will be highly competitive. To receive an LMIA you must prove proper education, experience, ability to pass IELTS or IELTS results ready to apply for these positions. For LMIA related job offer consideration, please email your complete CV highlighting basic biography, education, experience and IELTS. We will check eligibility first and contact you (in most cases an assessment fee will be applicable).

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