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Rejected Cases

Visa refusals may occur due to various reasons, but when you re apply you will have to provide substantial evidence as per the visa requirements. We specialize in pin pointing what lacks in a visa application and offer guidance as well as solutions to get your visa approved. Analysis of your visa application and processing of the documents will be handled by a RCIC.

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We may be able to help you. We cater all kinds of Canada visa rejections. These include,

Visit visa rejections
Study visa rejections
Spouse visa rejections
Permanent residence rejections
PR card renewal rejections
Citizenship issues
Business migrant rejections
All other types of visa rejections

The most common ways visa get rejected

1. The applicant failed to complete the entire application and/or provide all the proper documentation
2. The applicant misrepresented themselves on visa application
3. The applicant did not effectively establish a case that their visit would be temporary or that they were not going to immigrate permanently
4. The applicant has a criminal history with incidents of drug use, serious crimes, or multiple convictions with jail time
5. The applicant could not demonstrate ability to support themselves financially during the trip
6. The applicant has previous immigration issues or violations on record

If your visitor visa application is rejected, you may reapply after several months have passed, but you will have to provide new and more compelling evidence the second time around. You may hire a RCIC to prepare your case will save you precious time and resources, but most importantly they can work on your case to get you the visa approval you need.

We are here to help you. Please contact us with your reject details Contact Us or send us an email info@migrateto-canada.com

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