Client Satisfaction

Here at Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants, we are dedicated to providing you with a high level of service. First and foremost, we are committed to assisting clients to gain lawful entry into Canada as quickly as possible, either on a permanent or temporary basis. We know that you want us to be approachable and available.

Proven Track Record

As a successful Immigration consultancy, we are proud to share our success stories. Below you will find real snapshots of a few of the thousands of visas we have got approved over the years. When you come to see us in person will be happy to share thousands of visa approvals we have received to date.


We hold a trusted place in Canada Immigration. Staff access secure environments, and have the ability to make decisions that affect a person’s safety, rights and freedoms.We have also developed our own set of behaviors that underpin a high performance and professional .

Excellent Guidance

We are highly motivated to present our cases as thoroughly and as carefully as possible from the beginning. We have built a reputation on solving complex problems and giving cases the personalized attention they deserve.

Affordable Immigration Lawyer Fees

Our fees are highly competitive with respect to the quality of service we provide. We know this is true based on the countless referrals we handle after a case has been mishandled by other firms.

Process Applications More Faster

We understand that potential clients may be comparison shopping upon deciding which law firm to seek assistance from, and for the sake of transparency. .