What you could do once your get visa refused?

We suggest you approach a professional consultancy, understand the refusal details clearly and reapply. We are geared to make your refused visa successful. Your may contact Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants and receive successful advice.

Contact Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants and get professional advice.

Or else, please go through the provided details below and you can make a reapplication.

The most common reasons for Canada student visa refusal

Canadian visa refusals may look really disappointing, especially when you were expecting to move to Canada and your college is starting in 3 weeks time. Because by that time you realize that there is no =t enough time for you to revise and re-apply for visa again. Please read below analysis and find out hos you may try re-application of the visa again.

There are several words in the vocabulary, people may use to define a visa refusal: such as refusal, rejection, denial, decline, nonacceptance, turndown etc. I have heard many people will say that my visa was refused, but not rejected. All of the above mentioned words have the same meaning. Legally the visa officer has rejected to issue your student visa. This means there is no student visa for you. You have to re-apply, if you need a visa.

Understand why visa officer refused the visa

Actual reason could be one reason or multiple reasons. On many occasions, this could be multiple reasons, instead of one. A small list is given below.

1. Your application was not complete
2. You missed important documents
3. Financial insufficiency
4. Travel history
5. Weak job prospectus in the home country
6. Questionable documents
7. Weak family ties
8. Duel intent
9. Medical failure or criminal record check failure

Some of the above mentioned details have been described below

Your application was not complete

You submitted an incomplete application. Where you have not included all the components according to the given list of documents. This kind of negligence can lead to a rejection.

You missed important documents

You may have missed some or many essential documents with your application. This may lead to a simple refusal because you did not provide correct documents according to immigration legal requirement. You may be able to correct this using correct documents.

Financial insufficiency

Many applicants fall into this trap because they do not provide evidence to prove that you have enough and sufficient funds to support the education in Canada.

Travel history

A good travel history means that you have travelled out side of your mother country and you have travelled to countries closer to Canada. The best example is traveling to USA and returning to your mother country. more travel history you have the better your application going to be. Then you have the ability to prove that you are not a stranger for traveling. However, this does not mean no travel history leads to refusal. No it does not.

Weak job prospectus in the home country

An applicant who has the ability to prove that my job and the employer will be waiting for my return is a good indication that you are leaving Canada. But this cannot be a compulsory reason for the visa application. While this is an optional reason that you may fulfill, we believe that having a potential job in your home country, when you return after completion of the study program in Canada shows, that you are a bona fine applicant.

Questionable documents

We have come across some applicants have applied using fake documents such as: bank documents showing funds, college offer letters, sponsor letters, work history etc. visa processing officers will check these documents and check their authenticity. Producing fake documents looking for an advantage is a suicide.

Weak family ties

Having part of the family in your home country shows that you may , most likely return to the country. for example, if you have your spouse and children in the home country could be a valid genuine reason that you will return t your home country.

Duel intent

As the word explains, by law, duel intent arises, when one having one intent makes an application to gain visa for a complete opposite ground rules. For example, if you have applied for express entry PR application (showing you intend to live in Canada permanently) and at the same time you produce a Canada student visa application (you intend to complete the program and return to home country), then you stir a duel intent. Two opposite intentions and this could lead to a refusal.

Canada student visa applications could be complicated in nature

Your refusal gets complicated when the application gets rejected on grounds or reasons not listed or identified in the guide. The visa officer may choose to reject your application without seeking any additional documents, information, or clarifications. In such a situation your refusal may become more complicated to understand and evaluate.
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