Find your path to permanent residence

Once you complete your studies and also have gained some working experience you have the ability to apply for Canada PR through multiple programs. For many of you as student visa applicants, you may be looking forward to become a permanent resident in Canada after completion of the studies in Canada. Yes, you can do this without moving back to you home country.

As a permanent resident, you have the right to: Receive the social benefits that Canadian citizens do, including free health care in the province or territory where you live. Live, work or study anywhere in Canada. Apply for Canadian citizenship. Be protected by Canadian laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You must pay taxes and respect all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and city levels.

Finding how to apply for PR after studies could be more technical work and having a proper discussion with a consultant may lead to a better approach for the permanent residency. Therefore, when you are in the final semester of studies plan this step correctly do that you may be able to apply for PR without any time loss.

There are some prerequisites you need to fulfill to apply for PR in Canada.

1. Get ready with education credential assessment.
2. Have a good score IELTS general test results
3. Prove your work experience, with documents, in Canada and outside of Canada
4. Have translated documents (from native to English/French)

Possible PR application approaches are

Provincial programs

Many provincial programs in Canada target to recruit and retain Canadian international graduates as PR holders. First check your province of residence for such programs. If not look for other provincial programs. This is a tricky topic and you need lots of technical knowledge. Find a consultant who can help you.

Express entry

Did you know that you get extra points for your Canadian studies. Perhaps you may reach the level of cut off points with the Canadian qualifications, after graduation. Canadian qualifications do not need education credential assessment

Canadian experience class

After the completion of one full time working experience in Canada you legally qualify to apply under Canadian experience class. Check online tool and find out whether you reach enough points.

Other ways that you can become Canadian PR holder

There are several other approaches you may be able to apply for PR after graduation. Speak with us, we are happy to help you.
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