Reapplication of a rejected student visa

Canadian government website shows that your re-application does not need a time gap.

If my immigration application is refused, do I have to wait before I apply again? If we (CIC) refuse your application to come to Canada, you can apply again at any time, unless your decision letter says you can’t. You should only apply again if you can include information that you didn’t include before.

Reapplication of a refused student visa is a hot topic and everyone wants clear and definite answers how to do it. Since the refusal of student visa is case specific, it may be difficult to explain exact reasons and ways to improve this. Therefore, we will discuss the most common scenarios for you to get an idea of how to re-apply.

First you may like to understand why your application has been refused. This can be done by two means.

1. Read and understand the refusal letter and the reasons given in the refusal letter.
2. Apply for electronic immigration database CAIPS (Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System) to understand exact reasons the officer has written.

On many occasions the reasons on the refusal letter and the reasons written in CAIPS could differ and the only to find this out is to access CAIPS notes. Remember, that you must fix all flawed areas before you do a reapplication. Reapplication with the same documents again might result in the same way and you may accrue another refusal letter.

May be your application got refused because IRCC questions your ability to financially support yourself. If so you should carefully review the financial documents you submitted with your previous application. Check lapses and other flaws in those documents and figure out how to improve those lapses. Make sure that you address the concerns raised by the visa officer. Perhaps submit additional fund documents to prove the need.

Your genuine intention to study is one main concern the officers may have. They may be looking for clear intentions and how did you define those intentions. Using your personal statement you may be able to address this concern. Use proper description, evidence to support your explanation and provide substantial evidence for the same.

In certain situations, the choice of the program could be a reason for rejection and you may have tough time to prove this fact. If you have to change th3 choice of the program, then do it and provide clear evidence of the new choice, why you selected the new choice of program and your intentions.

Reapplication is a responsible task

We believe reapplication is not easy and needs lots of proper attention and to insert extra details. Therefore, we suggest you consider taking professional advice first. Meet a consultant and get advice on the documents you submitted. Makes ure you take copies of all the documents you have submitted to the visa officer, so that consultant can assess and provide you with a clear explanation. Follow all the correct advice given by the consultant to achieve success.

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