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The procedure

Applying for a student visa is a studious process and you must have fulfilled all requirements as for the application procedure of IRCC. Therefore, please follow the correct protocol to avoid any rejections and complicated file processing. There are a few things should be checked off your list before you start the process and some conditions that you must follow while applying for student visa to Canada. Make sure you go through the list step-by-step over the whole application process, so you do not miss anything.

Must haves for the student visa application to Canada

1. Meet the Canada Visa requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.
2. LOA showing that you have been accepted by a designated learning institute (DLI).
3. According to the program of your choice, you prove that you have adequate funds to pay your tuition fee and living expenses.
4. Clearing your criminal record. You need to prove that you have a clean background and no criminal record by way of proving police clearance.
5. Prove you are in good health. You need to do a health checkup and produce a medical certificate that certifies that you are in good health.
6. On paper or at the interview you need to convince the visa officer that you will leave Canada once you complete your studies.
7. Prove that you have enough money to pay for your expenses such as tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and any family member who come with you in Canada, and for return transportation to your home country including you and any family member who has come with you

You may also check with the Canada government website and understand if there are any additional requirements and needs that you must follow.

Where can I Apply for a Student Visa in Canada? Do I have to apply online?

The immigration law defines that, you can apply for Student Visa in Canada Online or On Paper.

To apply online, you need to create an account on the official Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) website, under immigration tab. You need to attach, filled applications, certificates and supporting documents as digital copies. In order to make application processing fees, you will also need a valid credit/debit card.

Paper applications have separate procedures to follow and you have to apply with paper version of your application and rest of the details. Be physically present at VFS center closer to you and then submission.

You may apply for a student visa with a specialized process through Student Direct Stream Canada. At this time is applicable to student visa applicants of China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines

Student Direct Stream (SDS), is liked with the student directly. Scotia Bank in Canada backs the process, as it will be providing a GIC of 10000 CAD to deserving students for the first year living expenses of Canada. In this process, IELTS requirement is a must: IELTS Band Requirements, that is an overall 6.5, with no less than 6 bands in each module. Without IELTS Student visa in Canada would not be possible with SDS. The application without IELTS would be considered non-SDS, and would be processed as a general application. As explained earlier, there has to be some English language proficiency proof for a student visa in Canada. The SDS program is available to apply for the students of China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

How long will it take to process a student visa

This is well known checking through CIC online checking tool. Please click the below given link so that, you can enter your data to understand approximate processing times. Student Visa in Canada processing time for your application keeps changing according to the country you are applying from, and it keeps updating weekly. As far as Student Visa Canada tracking is concerned, you can check the latest processing time for Study Permit Application on the official website of Canada Immigration and Citizenship.

A list of documents required for Canada student visa application

Briefly the list goes as,

1. A valid passport
2. A letter of acceptance from the college stating the program of study, including start and end dates
3. Proof that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents during your entire stay in Canada
4. A letter from your sponsoring organization, if you are being sponsored
5. A medical examination and a police clearance
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