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Are you ready to begin your Canadian student journey? Every year more than 5000 students start studying in Canada and many of them create a unique ability to become Canadian PR holders right after completion of the student program. what is your motivation today to become a student in Canada? We are happy to help you whatever you may want to achieve after your studies in Canada.

Did you know student visa success rate of Canada Gateway Immigration Consultants is more than 90%? That is because we do take very good care of all the processes of your application. We cater you from the time you start your college application until you land in Canada with a valid visa. Why wait any more. Speak with a counselor today.

1. Meet a Counselor: Start meeting an experienced counselor who can provide you essential advice for student visa.
2. Apply for Visa: Get all help from selection of program, college or university. Become a successful visa holder.
3. Move to Canada: Happily, achieve Canadian Student visa. Enter Canada for a brighter future.
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